No grains, day 14. Broken!

Break-fast: 1 slice spinach and part skim cheese quiche, handful almonds.

Snack: 2% Greek yogurt, apple

Lunch: side Greek salad, veggie souvlaki

Snack: more almonds,part skim cheese stick

Dinner: Ttok-bok-i

That’s right. I broke it one meal early! I had fully intended to make squash soup for dinner…but when I went to get Zoë from a playdate the mon had made me Ttok-bok-i, since I told her once I love it! I know from experience that it is awful leftover and reheated…so I graciously accepted and ate the rice based treat! Now, I feel gross and bloated, even though it was a small serving. Drank loads of water, so hopefully it’ll pass soon!

As for a recap of the 2 week no grain challenge:
-I did not lose weight I don’t think, but kept off the pounds I lost when I start reducing grains, even though I was eating a lot of fatty (but healthy) cheese and nuts. Also, I think (once I got used to drinking more water) my tummy bloat did go down. In the last few days several people have mentioned that I look slimmer.
– it wasn’t hard at all. I love some of the new habits I’ve created, like scrambled eggs for breakfast, and having tofu instead of rice to make stir fries more filling. I have also really increased my enjoyment of veggies!
-I’ve decided to add in rice back since sushi is one of the healthier things I eat and the only thing I really missed, however I am staying off wheat for two more weeks. This is to see his I feel when I’m not sick, to see how it impacts my weight, and to better establish the good habits I’ve begun. I also no longer plan to have rice as a side dish (veggies are better!) but will have it in sushi. I am hoping at the end of the month to have well-established the habit of not relying on pizza, pasta and baked goods so much…so that I can just enjoy them as the occasional treat.

I also want to say my current weight loss attempts are not for vanity. I am happy with the way my body looks and feels right now (fuck you BMI! You are wrong! I am fit and healthy!) but I am, after years of naysaying, sincerely curious about the effect carbs, grains, and in particular gluten has on weight. In addition, after a few years of running mostly for endurance, speed has become more of a goal for me (since I have no desire to run further, faster is what I’m left with!). Not in a huge way (I’m never placing unless its a 3 woman race!) but I would love to finish a 5k under 30 minutes, a 10k under 60 minutes, and my half under 2:20. I don’t know if I can do these things, but I have heard even small weight loss can increase speed, so I figure it is worth a (moderate) try!

Funny isn’t it? I started running to lose weight…now I want to lose weight to run!!!


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