Who is Henry Thoreau?


I fell in love with this bracelet, by Foxy Originals and sold at Spynga, months ago. The one I originally wanted said “We are all of us stars, and deserve to twinkle”, a Marilyn Monroe quote, but I stalled and eventually, that one sold out. Then, 3 were left: The one pictured above, “Once you choose hope anything is possible” by Christopher Reeve, and “Where there is love there is life”, Ghandi.

The Thoreau one is the most meaningful to me! I don’t believe in hope (except mundane things, like “I hope it doesn’t rain today” ) I believe in making things happen. Ghandi’s quote is nice, but bland. “Live the life you have imagined”…that is me and how I try to live! But…I don’t know much about Thoreau. I hope his other quotes aren’t something like “Succumb to man in all things, for man is king and woman is dirt” or “Trust in God, he’ll make it all work out” (I am not religious, not sure God exists, and quite sure that even if he does it is up to me to make things work out).

I should google “Henry Thoreau” before I show off the bracelet, eh???

In other news, I’m dressed for spring today!


No boots and ankle compression! NO major injury, but my right angle and calf tend to give me trouble, and like some compression!


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