Aloha, it’s Sunday!

Well, it is Sunday. A whole new week! Last week was full of suckdom, hopefully this week will be better!

Started out good! I went to free yoga at Lululemon this morning. The teacher cancelled, and they asked if anyone could lead the class. After a long moment of silence, I offered to do it, since I practice on my own at home and I’m comfortable building a practice. I led the class through a one-hour practice, I got lots of compliments afterwards. They could’ve been lying, and I could’ve sucked. That’s okay though, because I had fun, and got a free tank top for my efforts! I haven’t talked about it much, because is is not happening soon…but I really hope to take the Yoga teacher’s Training course sometime. It is quite time and money intensive., now is not the right time for me…but one day. I really think it would deepen my practice, and also I love to teach (I’ve never taught yoga, but I have taught English in Korea, and also have supervised many social work students, and taught many people how to install car seats, and wear their babies…yup…I love to teach!) and inspire!

My running news is not so great. My ankle has continued to be achy and swollen all week, and I know running on it is not a good idea . By today though, it is feeling a lot better. I probably could have run today…but since it is the last day of the week (my training week is Monday to Sunday…I do it that way so the end of the week long run can be whichever day is better for me depending on the weekend) I decided it was better to leave it alone and try my next short run Tuesday. That said, I did the elliptical 3 times and did one spin class (ouch, worse for my ankle than the elliptical for sure. Elliptical has been fine. Walking a lot and spinning bugged it) so I did lot of lower body cardio/endurance work…and made sure the elliptical sessions were as long as my runs would be, to keep up my stamina. I think I’ll be fine for my upcoming races if I get back on track this week. Fingers crossed that I can please!

Back to today…after that awesome experience at Lululemon, I came home to prepare for Zoë’s 9th Birthday Party. It was Luau inspired, and a good time was had by all! Unfortunately, I only got pictures at the very start, because my phone was doing double duty as an iPod, and my dad’s camera battery died. Also, as always, I avoid sharing pictures with other people’s kids in them. I think Adam has some more pictures, I will share when I get them.

The table (cake, cupcakes, cookies and make-your-own fruit Kababs came out later):

The loot bags (we also gave Hula hoops and the coconut cups) and the palm tree…which was the freeze dance prize (had to gewt it out of my house somehow!)

The girls:

Zoë showing off more decorations:

The family:

The cat (and Zoë’s top), who never moved from the couch yet looked grumpy and annoyed the whole time!

Close ups of myself and Zoë, from my dads camera:



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