Making a change

Ive been considering moving to a new yoga studio for a while now. I love Spynga…but I don’t spin much during running season. As for yoga, there are 2 yoga classes I love there (Monday and Tuesday night), and they are pretty well what has kept me there. I should add…Thursday morning and Sunday morning there are also yoga classes I like but at a time I can rarely attend. There is also a beginner yoga class, and a yin class I’m just not do into. I am adding this to say Spynga is an AWESOME place with lots of spin and yoga options, as well as boot camp type classes every morning (I’ve never been, but they are very popular). Also, the south studio has a great schedule if you can make it there (I never could) so don’t let me turn you off…if you’ve been thinking of checking Spynga out…do it! I’m sure I’ll be back there for spinning when it’s too cold to run!

So, for the past few months (since I started running more) I’ve been considering if it is still the right place for me, or I’d I should find somewhere devoted to yoga and get my cardio from running and the elliptical…especially during running season.

This week, I decided. My beloved Monday vinyasa was changed to yoga bootcamp, and my decision was made. I HATE that kind of class. I like weights, I like circuit training, and I LOVE yoga…but I am a purist. Especially with yoga. A lot of people love this classes, but it’s not for me. Nor is a yoga studio with only 1 class a week I can/want to attend. This class change was made the very day my membership expired, which made my decision easier.

So, yesterday I joined Yoga Tree for a 40$ introductory month (normally 99$ a month if you commit to 4 months, otherwise 160$ a month. I’m good to commit if I like it though. I’ve proven if I like a place…I’ll use it.)

Right off the bat (before I even went): The good news is, there are two local studios I can attend, and loads of classes. The bad news is…many of them are heated. You may remember I don’t exactly adore hot yoga. But, since it is the closest studio to me and has lots of options…I decided to go for it!

Last night I attended hot detox…a hot vinyasa with lots of twists. I loved the class. The instructor was great, she gave lots of options and modifications and assisted respectfully, and it was a practice that would have been fun and challenging without the heat (my main problem with hot yoga…besides being hot…was that I would have been bored and unchallenged without the heat). With the heat…well I was hot and could have used a cooler space…but it was fine. I was certainly able to tolerate it. I did not walk out feeling like I’d made a mistake joining Yoga Tree…but rather like I was excited to see what’s next for me there!!!

The studio was also great. Nice helpful staff, large clean open space, clean change-room with lockers and showers…a really nice atmosphere.
As for today, I’ll be taking my ankle for a little run this afternoon. Wish me luck!!!


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