Data is back, update-y rambling

I know, I have not been around much lately. Sorry about that. Mostly it is because I’ve been out of my data plan earlier than usual in March, I don’t know why. Since I often blog from my phone, and cannot do that without data, I haven’t been blogging so much. It is April though, and I have data again!

So last week was pretty good. I started going to Yoga Tree, and absolutely love it! It’s so great to go somewhere that always has a yoga class I want to attend, no matter what time it is. I went to three evening classes and one lunchtime class last week, all of them were different classes, and all of them were awesome. The instructors there are great, and no matter what level class that is, they do a great job of providing challenges and modifications. It’s also a clean and beautiful studio. I am really excited tonight, because I am going to a class taught by a friend of mine from my maternity leave with Charlotte. She is very pregnant right now, and it is actually the last class she is teaching before she had her baby! I am glad I got in under the line. It is Ashtanga yoga, which I find particularly fun and challenging.

As for running, it is going okay. I hit all of my runs last week, although the second short run was quite slow. This was because Zoe joined me for the first mile, and then it started to rain. I wanted to be extra careful in the rain, because I knew that a slip could really mess up my newly healed ankle. My long run was 5 miles on Saturday. It was supposed to be 5.5, but I cut it short because I missed a week of running need to build up my mileage slowly. The run went fine, but my hip was bothering me a lot, and I took some walking intervals to give it a break to get through the mileage. I am hoping my hip stops nagging me soon, I need to see my chiropractor. I have also started taking glucosamine, I have heard it helps and hope that it’s true! In good news, my ankle seems to be healed. I am still icing it after every run, and compressing it for part of every day, just to make sure. But so far, it is not giving me any trouble!

Spring is coming, and I am dressing accordingly for the changeable weather. Mostly I am wearing long pants, and short sleeve tops. I’m trying to wear the tops that are knit like sweaters, or that need layers underneath, because once it gets hot I won’t want to wear them anymore. Today I am wearing a short sleeve tunic sweater I got from Old Navy last fall. I have only worn it once, and was not convinced it was appropriate to wear it with leggings, although I did. It didn’t matter, because I was out for dinner with Adam. Today I am wearing the questionable dress/tunic/top for work, so I have added jeans and a white T-shirt. Also a Joe Fresh black cardigan, and colorful H&M scarf for outdoors.





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