Spring resolutions « Fancy Pantsy

A very slightly edited repost: ‘cuz it is still all true!

Spring is a time of sunshine (and rain) and flowers, and renewal. I always feel like spring is the perfect time for resolutions…especially since summer (the season of bare legs, and arms, and maybe more!) is on the way. Here are some was I am changing (or trying to change) my life this spring…and some ideas for my readers too!

1) Lube up those feet every day. Sandal season is coming, so now is the time to keep your feet well moisturized and get them in tip top shape. If you are into pedicures, get one soon, and keep it up. Also, time to get in the habit of trimming and painting those toenails now. Nothing ruins and awesome pair of open toes shoes quicker than unkempt toenails. Here is my current favorite foot treatment. I Have not been so great with this lately, but will be!

2) Get to grooming your bikini line. Figure out what works now, so you don’t have to experiment when it counts. I know a lot of people like waxing…but I am partial to Magic Cream. It is the only cream I have found that doesn’t irritate my skin.  I find it in the ethnic grooming section of  the drugstore. Works great on legs and the ‘stache too!

3) Get on your feet and start walking whenever time, distance and weather allows. It is a great way to get outdoors and active, save money on gas, cut your pollution, and be a good example to your kids. We try to bundle up and do this all year…but I must admit we are not as diligent about it in the winter as we should be.  Now is the perfect time to get on track and get our feet moving! It is also a great way to get a fussy toddler to nap through a trip to the mall, if timed right!

4) Examine your hair and start planning your summer style now. If you like to wear it up a lot in the heat, keep it in great condition so it can keep growing. If you are considering a short summer cut, start looking online and in magazines for the perfect new do. Also think about lightening your colour, or adding some highlights. This year, like last, I am growing my hair out for summer.

5) Tune-up those bikes. We are not really into biking (maybe we should be) but if you are, now is the time to get your bikes a tune-up, make sure tires are well inflated,  and ensure any baby carriers/trailers and helmets are in good working condition and fitting well.

6) Buy more fruit! I find it hard to eat a lot of fruit in the winter. I cannot help but crave warm, creamy comfort foods. Now is when berries, citrus fruits, melons and mangoes really start to appeal to me…so I am taking advantage of it and stocking up on  these healthier snacks every supermarket visit.

7) Register for your races. If you run, or plan to run, now is the time to check out the year’s running schedule and register for whatever appeals, so you be able to plan your training. Look in my side-bar to see what is ahead for me, and if you are in the GTA  (or feel like traveling) feel free to join me anytime!

8) Buy some colorful scarves. Even on days it is too cool to wear some new spring clothes, a bright scarf can make an over-worn winter outfit feel new and fresh. For lower cut top and sweater, try some brightly coloured camisoles or bandeaus instead of the same boring black that fills most of our closets, for a fun pop of spring colour. H&M has inexpensive scarves, and Urban Planet is great for cheap bandeaus and layering tanks.

9) Sunscreen time. If you don’t bother with sunscreen all year (you should and I do, but some people just don’t spend enough time outdoors in the winter to feel it is necessary, I know) now is the time to start using a daily coat of sunscreen on your face and any other parts of your body that are exposed. On my face, I use Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector.


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