Random points

1. Not blogging much these days. Don’t know why.

2. Ran 6 miles (10k) Saturday. Yeah!! Ready for April 22.

3. Ran 3.2 miles yesterday. Ouch…the wind was killing my calves, lips and throat…so I cut it .25 miles short. Oh well. I figure the extra effort of running in the high winds made up for the slightly shortened distance.

4. Still loving Yoga Tree. Getting into Ashtanga. So fun, fast and challenging (lots of twists, binds, and inversions I am working towards).

5. Zoë had he yearly yesterday. Seems to be healthy.

6. Charlotte is finally toilet trained.

7. I had my first mammogram last week. As far as I know, it was clear. It was also not nearly as horrible as I’d believed it would be. Not comfy, but not awful.

8. I’m still not eating bread or grains (not as anally as in March though, I’ll have a taste here and there), except rice in sushi. It is Passover now, and I’ve had a few bites of matzoh, matzoh balls, kugel, etc. I used to love these carby Passover treats. I’ve lost my taste for it though…it all tastes bland and I am enjoying meat, fish, fruits and veggies much more.

9. I have, according to the doctors scale, lost 6lbs since January 30. Not a lot for 2 months…but since I’m (loosely) working on the “last 10lbs” and know slow loss is the key to keeping it off, I am pleased.

10. Wearing this today. $8.00 from Urban Planet!

Random Charlotte pic:20120410-100117.jpg


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