Am I lame??

because I cannot stop dancing, singing, spinning, running cooking and…umm…doing other stuff to this song:

It makes me so happy! More new music to come…now that the long runs are getting…long…I am adding new music at lightening speed to keep myself motivated and interested! Yesterday, I actually listened to a book (which worked better than I would have thought)! If anyone can suggest any interesting (funny? ike, immature laugh out loud funny? or serious and mindful and important, I suppose. Nah…funny please!) pod-casts to get me through the miles, please pass them along!

Here is Lotte, watching my kitchen dancing while I mix up yet another meal of scrambled eggs (and broiled zucchini…yum!!! Cannot wait until I can cook tofu, and lentils again!!):

She bought Zoe in to admire the awesomeness that is my cooking dance:

Eventfully, even princess looked up to check it out:


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