Rest. Well, work. Then rest.

Today is a rest day, and I am glad of it. I am aching all over. My head is pounding, as it has been for the last few weeks. In addition to my achy head, my body is complaining. My upper body is killing from all the work I did on forearm stand and scorpion last night, as well as the Ashtanga class I took after work, which was full of chattarungas. My legs too are angry, after two days of running in pretty windy weather. I have 7 miles ahead of me tomorrow, so I better enjoy my rest today!

Today, because orange is awesome, I’m wearing a orange sweater I got from the clearance rack at Old Navy. It was very cheap, it is very cute! Imagine the skinny jeans and black flats I am wearing below, and I took pictures of my eyes, which are done in orange and gold.




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