On my way to a scary dermatologist appointment

I am going to see a dermatologist today about an itchy mole that has been bothering me. My doctor does not think it is anything to worry about, but I am still nervous. Wish me luck.

Middle left of the picture, under my sideburn:

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Wanna make me less nervous? Donate to the Canadian Cancer Society! Then, if it is…something…I’ll know more is being done, and I’ve done my part. Of course, it is not all about me. If I am lucky enough to discover it is just a mole…others aren’t. I read this story today and it broke my heart. It’s even more upsetting because so many people I know and love continue to tan, indoors and out…and even tell me I need a tan! I have never been one to try and tan very hard (I knew it was a wasted effort)…but there were some lazy efforts in High School. Also, being as pale as I am, I’ve had my share of unintended burns, and am painfully aware that although my last sunburn was on my honeymoon 10 years ago, and I probably hadn’t had one is several years before then..my risk of melanoma and other skin cancers is forever increased.

UPDATE: She said its nothing. A little early age spot. Vomit…but better than the alternative. In other good news I took off this afternoon because I thought it would take longer (online reviews said this office has long-like 2 hour-waits!). I’m freeeeee…


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