Perfection?!? None here…

I started following a new blog recently. I found it when the blogger “liked” one of my posts.

Here’s the thing about the blog:

It Is Perfect.

•perfectly beautiful blogger. Slim and gorgeous. Always looks like she just walked off a photo shoot.

•handsome husband and beautiful baby girl to match.

•all pictures of said beautiful people look like they were taken for a Ralph Lauren ad, by Ralph Lauren photographer.

•all clothing and accessories look like they are from a Nordstroms catalogue.

•everything is always perfect in beautiful land. It is a life full of vacations, fun family days. Never a whine or grumble. No broken down cars, maxed out credit cards, bickering spouses, or unwanted body hair is ever implied.

•all pictures of foods eaten by the beautiful people look like they are from a Williams Sonoma catalogue.

•the house? Again, straight out of some fancy magazine. No vacuum cleaners, dandelions taped to the wall, or clutter of any sort is ever to be seen.

I read this blog in a sort of haze. How can life be like this? Nothing but beautiful pleasures to be had. I suppose the blogger, like all of us, chooses to show what she wants to.

So do I.


•in the backgrounds of my iPhone pictures are unmade beds, my unused vacuum cleaner, fighting kids, a husband with Kramer hair, and a cat licking her own vagina anus body parts.

•In my kitchen, backgrounds of pictures include my duct taped together cabinets, dirty looking (it’s not dirt it’s scratches) floor, and leftover dishes of the mashed potatoes, French fries and pile of uneaten cucumbers I often call “dinner”.

•My favorite posts are from my races…accompanied by pictures where I look my worst.

•although I do have some nice things…most were bought clearance, or used.

•the majority of mine (and my gorgeous kids) clothes are from Gap or Old Navy clearance (with coupon codes), or discount stores like Winners! It shows!

• my pictures look like they were taken on an iPhone. By a social worker. Who has no photography skills whatsoever.

•my family is beautiful…but none of us look like we just walked off a runway!

I am mixed with feelings whenever I read this new blog. On one hand, I am
Jealous! I want to live in what appears to be perfect land. But am too poor, un-creative, and lazy to have a life (or blog) like hers.

On the other hand, I am proud to be keeping it real here, and even though I may show only what I what I choose to…I share an awful lot of what my life really is.

Then I wonder, what is perfect blogger’s life really like? I’m sure it is not as always perfect as it appears…but is it close? Or are there piles of things hidden? Does she look hideous without makeup and did the take a second mortgage on their home to fund her handbags…or does she wake up stunning and have a million dollar pay check? Do I want to see the nitty gritty, or enjoy the paradise?

Oh well, enough rambling. My kid is done her lunch (frozen yogurt) and crying to go home to our (falling apart) house in the car (which I’ve duct taped together).

So…yeah…keeping it real here!!

Ps…she’s happy again!!!

Ps. Perfect blogger…if you’re reading…I hope you’re not offended! I think you, you family, and your blog are beautiful! I’d link to you, but I think you might not like it. I hope you know my words are honest and well intentioned!! Just, ya know, saying what’s in my head!!! Musing!!!


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