To those of you that read my blog regularly, and have noticed some rotating changes the last couple days. I decided to change the title of my blog, because “fancy pantsy momma” just doesn’t fit anymore. Even though I am certainly still into fancy things like fashion and makeup, it is no longer how I define myself. I want to define some myself as someone that has dreams, and makes them come true. Defying Gravity is perfect, it is one of my favorite songs, and it reminds me that I am capable of things that I never thought were possible. When I am running, practicing yoga, or sometimes even just looking in the mirror and liking what I see, I feel like I am doing something I never thought I could do, like I am defying gravity.

Finding the right theme and formatting it is not as easy as finding a new title was. I’m sure I will sort it out soon though. In the meantime, enjoy the surprise themes!!!


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