Random weekend stuff

As you know, I no longer eat bread. I’m not as strict about this as I was at the beginning of March, but I do generally continue to not choose to eat bread. I find that I eat much better when I am not feeling up on bread, I also find that I had lost the taste for it. Yesterday I watched my husband eat one of my very favorite things, an avocado and cheese sandwich. I started contemplating whether or not I wanted one It occurred to me that I was not craving the bread, I was craving the avocado cheesy goodness. So I took a slice of avocado, wrapped it in a slice of reduced fat Swiss cheese, and went to town. It was delicious! I guess one could call it an avocado cheese roll-up?

I love the look of fishtail braids, and if my hair was ever long enough, I would wear it like this every single day.

In preparation for that day, I spent much of my weekend learning how to do this braid and practicing on my children.



I finished off my weekend working on some yoga poses that have been challenging me. Finally, finally got the bind in Marichiyasana iii. I still need to work on twisting a bit deeper to square my shoulders more, but it is a great start. On the other side I could not fully bind, but I could get my fingertips to touch.

I also did pretty well in some arm balances I have been working on. I’ve done these before, but got nice and high last night and held them both for 5 good breathes.



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