Ouch. My foot.

Today I cut short a long run for the first time ever :(

It was supposed to be 9 miles, but by 7 miles the ball of my right foot was killing me. I slowed down and stayed on grass and trail as much as possible after that, to relieve the impact…but by 8.5 miles, I was DONE because it hurt so much. Last weekend I did 8 miles fine…but did notice the same spot was achy for a day afterwards. Then it went away…my 2 short runs were fine, so I forgot about it.

I guess I’ll hit running room later today to see if there is any sort of insert or whatever I can use.

On the bright side, the trails and grass slowed me down and I did get in the full cardio endurance I needed for 9 miles, and I absolutely could have run another half mile if not for the pain…so I think my training is still on track for the half in a few weeks, as long as I can get the ache figured out.

UPDATE 1: Okay looks like it might be “Morton’s neuroma”. Gonna ice a lot, lay off the heels (sob), and make sure my laces aren’t too tight, and hopefully do better soon. Is it weird that I really wanna run around the block and do that last .5??? I know I’m fine without it, but HATE not doing a full long run distance!!!

UPDATE 2: I’m such a nerdbag! I just went and did the last .5. No problem I couldn’t stand not doing it!!


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