I must work on expressing complete disinterest at all times

…and never, ever show the slightest interest in volunteering for anything unless I really want to do it!

Jill at Branch meeting, half jokingly “Wow, that 3 day camping, canoeing and portaging trip with a bunch of  youth and without toilets or showers or electricity sounds like something I might want to chaperone at some distant unidentified point in the future…”

Suddenly, I am going. July 16. 2012.

How do I sh!t without a toilet?

I have gone camping “light” (outhouses and showers and bbqs and I bet they even have wifi there now it was so not real camping) once, for one night, and made someone drive me to a donut shop so I could take a sh!t because I was scared of outhouses (I’m not now, thanx to races)…20 years ago.

Anyone wanna lend me a sleeping bag? Air mattress? Battery iPhone charger (does this exist)?

Okay…’nuf whining. Gotta run 10 miles soon. Don’t wanna…but I’ll be glad I did. Fingers crossed my foot is okay!


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