Phew, again

This morning I ran my second half marathon!!!

It was the Toronto Women’s Half-Marathon and 5k, and GaviesGal went with me and ran the 5k…here we are, ready to race:

I did great the first half of the race, no walking until well over 6 miles, and I hit 6 miles at around 62 minutes, which was right where I was aiming for (2:20-2:30). Unfortunately, after that point I had two issues. One was a bit of nausea…probably it would have not made me stop (just slow down) but combined with the ball of foot pain that I was also struggling with by that point, I decided taking 1 minute walking intervals every 10 minutes or so was the way to go. I finished in 2:27:47.3. That was 3 minutes slower than my last half…but considering that I was having the foot pain and considering that I knew going into this race I was not as well conditioned for running as I had been in October…I am very pleased. I am not going to beat myself up over the walking. After all…it was less than 10 minutes of walking to around 2 hours and 15 minutes of running…how can I not be proud of that?!? GG, 2 co-workers I adore (1 who ran the 5k-her first ever, and another who is a bad-ass cyclist) and my co-worker’s partner were at the finish line cheering for me which was fabulous!

Here is a sign I liked. This series
always has fun signs. Another one said “shoe sale ahead”!


The finishers medal, designed by the always fabulous Foxy Originals, is gorgeous and I love that it is a necklace I can wear…since the rest of them are in a big pile right now on a shelf in my living room!


For some reason, Princess wanted to become one with my shoes when I got home. I wonder what I stepped in???


As for my future goals…as always the entire race all I could think was that I would never, ever get myself into this again ( I think that in 10k too, even though I know it is not true). We weren’t even out of the parking lot before I realized that it was not even noon, and I was done. It was done and over, and didn’t seem so bad in retrospect. I think I have decided that if a friend (I have a few getting into distance running) wants to do it with me, I will, but not alone. I don’t need to do it for myself anymore…but I am able, and would like to run more with friends…so if a half is where one of my friends is headed, I will consider coming along for the ride. I wont do anymore halfs this summer (maybe, maybe…late fall…probably not though)…probably a few 5-10ks, but they wont require any extra work.

Currently, I gotta come up with a summer exercise plan. I want to really focus on strength and toning for a while. So, I plan to do yoga 5-6 days a week, run/elliptical 3 times a week for 20-40 minutes, and strength training 3 times week. I have 3, 5 and 10lb hand weights. Any advise for exercises that target a few areas? I’d like to really tone my arms nicely, and abs of course. I am fine with lower body and and am getting a nice yoga butt from all the squats and lunges in yoga!


2 thoughts on “Phew, again

  1. when i look at this pic i am reminded of how much i need a running hat!!!
    i am totally signing up for the Aug 10k. Come with me PLEASE!!!!!

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