What I wore


Lululemon Cool Racer-back tank, Moving Comfort Fiona bra, SpiBelt, and Nike Dri-fit Compression shorts with a 5.5″ length.

I wanna talk about the shorts, because they are new, and awesome.

Normally I run in Gap biker shorts (which are almost knee length and a bit thick…I’m wearing them here. I love running in them because they fit well and never ride up or need to be tugged back in place, but they can get a bit warm), and capris or running tights in the winter. I also have some short running shorts and skirts I wear in hot weather.

I love how cool short shorts and skirts are in the hot summer, but they can be a problem for me, because there is about an inch of my upper thighs that tends to rub and it starts to really bother me while running, and burn for a few days later. Vaseline or Body Glide helps for short runs…but anything more than 10k and it wears off.

Luckily this has not been an issue for me in the past. The nature of my running (fall and spring halfs, and I don’t do many long runs except when training for a half) has led to all of my longer runs being in cool enough weather for the biker shorts to be fine. The rare hot weather long long run I did, I was able to leave the Vaseline on my car (with my water) and add more in the middle.

It occurred to me on Friday that I had a problem. It called for weather too hot for my biker shorts, yet there was no way my upper thighs could possibly tolerate 21k in short bottoms. So, I went on a mission; to find shorts long enough to cover the spot that rubs, yet short and light enough to be comfortable in the heat. I started at Winners…assuming I’d need to go to an actual sports store but figuring it was worth a try.

I love the shorts I found! The go to about an inch below the trouble spot, and are a nice light fabric that wicked great and felt cool. I was worried they’d ride up (since I didn’t get a chance to test them) but they stayed put the whole way.

Because they are from Winners the exact shorts are no longer available except on EBay (or Winners and places like Winners I guess) but I think these are the newer model of essentially the same shorts.

If you get them, size up. I normally wear medium but these were too tight on the hem…which is tight (I assume to keep them from rising). The large fit pretty well the same all over (they are stretchy compression shorts after all) but the bands at the thigh looked and felt much better!

Btw, I cannot believe how much better I look. Here I am last June…in the same style top (also a light colour…and a size larger than the one I wore today) and SpiBelt..and a short skirt. I loved this picture at the time and thought it was very flattering…which it was…but I’m so much tighter now (and only weigh 5lbs less).


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