What will June bring?

Because ticking things off the half-marathon training chart on my fridge was so satisfying, I have created a chart for my fridge for June. It lists the days and there are columns for run, other cardio, yoga and strength that I can tick off! I am such a nerd…but I know myself and I know it will motivate me to do more strength (cardio and Yoga are such a part of my life now, I don’t need extra motivation to do them-but ticking things off makes me happy). Here is the chart for anyone interested in doing something similar (keep in mind, it may not work for me):

I’m still trying to figure out how much cardio vs. strength I should be aiming for, and how yoga (which is a bit of both…but not quite either) fits in. Any suggestions? I think I am gonna start slow…stick with what I’ve been doing (not training though 2-3 short runs a week, 5-6 days yoga) with some additional ab work and upper body work (light hand weights or push-up a few times a week) thrown in and go from there…

I am also off grains for another 2 weeks…just to get accustomed to eating better again after being very, very un-mindful about my eating the last few weeks (chips and cookies and pizza and French toast…oh my!!). Because of all the running it did not hurt my weight much (I gained 2lbs in May…most people do gain a little during half training) but if I keep up those habits it won’t be good for my health or weight!! Friday a coworker offered to get me lunch at Tim Horton’s. I checked out the menu online and went with the chili. It was surprisingly tasty…but be forewarned…it does pack a (gassy) punch!


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