No obesity epidemic here…

Two weekends ago we went to Zoe’s hebrew school graduation…I’ve been planning to post about my observations ever since.

The thing I noticed was that the mothers, and fathers (all 30s and 40s, most with 2 or more kids) were almost all thin and fit looking. There was one very overweight man, one very overweight woman…a couple chubby men, one chubby woman, and the rest of them looked very thin and fit. There were about 40 kids…maybe 20-30 adults (since almost all the parents had 2-3 kids there and some parents were on their own). When I say the women were thin, I mean thinner than me…I don’t mean average or “not visibly overweight”, I mean truly skinny. The women were all in t-shirts or tank tops, skinny jeans, or fitted capris, or Lulu pants. All dressed in fitted clothes, nothing hidden. The men were in jeans or cargo shorts, with t-shorts. Again, clothing where I could see they were in good shape.

I guess this is why I am so motivated to get and stay in shape…where I live…being middle aged and a mom (or dad) is no excuse for not being trim! It kinda bugs me to be honest. I know it shouldn’t, and being healthy is important of course, but most of these women could have easily gained 10-30lbs and still not been at any sort of health risk…I am sure some of them are naturally so trim, but not all…I am sure many of them work very hard, and eat very little, to look like that. Even though I too work hard to be a healthy weight (and look it) I am saddened that in a group of middle aged parents to 2 or more kids, the women seem to feel the need to not just be fit enough to be active and healthy….but to actually be “skinny”. It makes me feel bad that we have such high expectations for ourselves (to look as trim as teenagers) and also makes me question myself (once again…I always think I am over it, but I never am) for being in decent shape and not fat…but not thin (and still with a slightly overweight BMI). I should be very happy with my body…it does awesome things…but being here made me feel like such a failure…that all these moms were thinner than me. I still must be a lazy pig to not be able to look like them (that’s not to say I am…but it is how I felt). I cannot do what it takes to be skinny, and try as I might to accept that…sometimes I still beat myself up over it.

Also, I noticed NO noticably overwight kids. Now, I do not know their weight, and some of them could be bigger built and have overweight BMI or whatever. Certainly some were “more solid” than others and a couple looked mildly “chubby”…but certainly none of the kids would ping anyone’s radar as overweight. That, of course, is a good thing…who wants an obesity epidemic among our children, afterall? I do wonder though…are these girls slim because they are healthy and active, because they are young (I was not a healthy eater when I was young, nor was I overly active…but I was naturally very skinny until puberty) or do they already feel pressure to meet some ideal?

I recently found a picture of myself at my prom. I must say…it helped bring me out of my Hebrew School Graduation induced funk. I looked great (for the time, and minus the cigarette)…but it is nice to see that 20 years later…except my breasts…I am not much bigger! Of course…that’s me holding myself to teenage standards…but seeing as the post-puberty teenaged me was not exactly svelte, that’s okay!

In other news, I have a bit of a cold and I’m sure all who know me are pleased that my voice is much reduced!


2 thoughts on “No obesity epidemic here…

  1. i also notice that most of the woman around here is fit and slim. There are of course some over weight ones but not nearly as many as you’d think given all the media hype about obesity.
    I always wonder how the moms of teens or tweens are SO thin (bony almost) and if they actually do eat!!
    I think you look fabulous and are so healthy these days you have absolutely nothing to get worked up about. You enjoy life and that is all that really matters!!!

  2. Thank you 1000 times for speaking out, telling us that upon your own observation, there are very few children that could be described as carrying too much weight. This point has not been lost to me either. And this is a good thing as you say, if only society would let it be. Our poor kids are suffering so much from this mischaracterization of a childhood obesity problem that disappears as soon as you open your eyes. The BMI is utterly biased, especially for children. I actually created a website in response to my observations and scientific inquiries and have a special web page on the pitfalls of the BMI.

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