Eggy goodness

One thing I love making for myself these days is omelettes. I used to never eat omelettes, because they were so fattening. I loved omelettes with piles and piles of cheese, and salt, and butter. Nowadays, I make them a bit differently. I also eat them without guilt, because since I have gone off grains and increased my fat and protein intake, it has not hurt my weight (or waist) at all, so I don’t worry as much about eating things like cheese and eggs. Mindfully, of course.

I start out stir-frying some veggies in cooking spray. Usually mushrooms, onions, and maybe some peppers or zucchini if I have them on hand.

While I let the vegetables cook, I mix up two eggs and two egg whites, with a little bit of milk. Then I pour it into a medium hot pan, sprayed with a little bit of Pam, and maybe a touch of light butter.

Once the egg starts to cook, I throw on the vegetables, and a handful of my favorite light shredded cheese. Or sometimes feta.

I trick I use when flipping omelettes, is I fold over once, and then I cut it in half with my spatula. Then it is easier to keep flipping until it is cooked, and also makes it perfect for sharing… If that is what one desires.


And I’m done. Because I love the stir fried vegetables, I always reserve a spoonful of them to eat on the side.


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