Last night Adam and I had a chance to go for dinner alone. I decided to try a new sundress from Old Navy. I never wear strapless casual stuff…but when I saw this dress I fell in love with it, and I rock orange (it looks red in pics). I wore it with some bright floral wedges (cheap, from Urban Planet) pretty gold and orange eyeshadow, and the Multiplicity bracelets from Lia Sophia.





Adam was inspired and tried to take his own self portrait:

Eventually, made it out to The Melting Pot for a fun fondue dinner. I’ll add a little review:

We shared a cheese fondue, got two entrees (vegetarian and salmon) and each entree came with salad. We were too full for dessert (Chocolate Fondues looked fabulous though) and Adam had a beer.

The bill was 80$…so 40$ a person is not something we do often, but not ridiculous for a rare nice night out.

That said, I wasn’t so impressed. The spinach artichoke cheese fondue was sickeningly delicious, and the salads were very good…I had the California and would have it for lunch everyday if I could! The veggies and fish entrees, eh. It was fun cooking them ourselves and there are a bunch of different sauces (the curry was my favorite, dill was his) to play with so that is fun…but I prefer both my salmon and my veggies cooked in other ways that boiled in broth! We did have a nice time though!


2 thoughts on “Fondue

  1. I’ve been wanting to try this place ever since I saw if advertised in a magazine… but as you know my hubby the health freak might have a real problem finding something to eat there!!!

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