A watery weekend

I didn’t get to go to yoga or run this weekend…and I ate like crap…but we sure were busy!!!

Saturday morning we headed out at 7am to visit Zoë at camp…over 3 hours away. The drive was okay until the last 1/2 hour or so. By then we were on a very hilly windy 2-lane country road. The car ahead of me (our friends) was going the limit. Afterall…it was an unfamiliar road to us all. Twice, someone started tail-gating us. The first time, after about 10 minutes they passed. The second time was worse. It was a huge pick-up truck barreling down so close behind me I could even see their grill. I could not see what was ahead of me (die ti the curves and hills in the road) and all I could think was “If there is an accident, or bike-rider people are slowing to go around, or whatever, we are dead”. I wanted to pull over and let him pass but the lane next to us was gravel and I was too scared to slow down (there was no way this guy would even be able to see my break lights and know I’d slowed down) and I could not suddenly swerve onto gravel at that speed. I started having a full blown panic attack…shaking, sweating, heart racing. Thankfully just at the point i started crying a short lane opened to my right for people turning onto another street, and I could pull over and have Adam drive the rest of the way. It was horrible though…and not because of the accident (though I am sure it made it worse, since I know how suddenly something can happen). I have always hated people who do this and just don’t get it. Do they want an accident? Do they really think riding the ass of a car that is going slowly (or slower than they want to go) because of traffic ahead or the speed limit will get them somewhere faster? Anyways, except that the drive was fine and I did almost all the return driving (Adam drove the last hour or so because I was tired, not anxious) because I have to drive a lot for my job and letting myself get scared of it is simply not an option.

Anyways, we got to camp and saw Zoë and any concerns I had were blown away! She looked great. She is having a fabulous time, not homesick and seemed very happy and well liked. She is also really building some independence. She swam over her head in the lake alone, climbing on and jumping off the water trampoline (she has been capable of these things for a few years…but was too timid to do them) and took the Kayak out alone. We enjoyed lunch, swimming, kayaking, crafts and canoeing at camp and had a great day. Spending time with Zoë was so awesome, it was hard to leave her..but I know she is in good hands (no sunburn, even though she is so pale.  A bit of colour…but that’s okay) and having a blast. Pics:










After that Adam, Lotte and I went into Adams brothers cottage about an hour towards home. So beautiful! They have a gorgeous cottage on a (not for swimming) pond, nearby a beach at the lake, which was very clean and clear. We spent lots of time eating, and swimming and Lotte enjoyed her first bonfire…complete with marshmallows and s’mores. Pics:








Even though we were only away 2 days and one night…it was packed with fun and activity (and driving) and I’m tired. Yawn! Nite!


2 thoughts on “A watery weekend

  1. looks like you had a great time!!! Zoe s camp looks nice and clean too!!!
    I didn’t know Adam’s brother had a cottage…and why are you not there every weekend??? I wish we had someone close with a cottage we could use every weekend!!! (or at least ever other weekend in the summer!!!)

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