I’m back!!!

I loved the trip. I had an awesome time and feel a great sense of accomplishment. I’ll do a detailed recap soon (with pics once the leader posts them on FB) but here is a little mini recap:

-The portaging was awesome. Tough but fun, and I feel held my own during the portages.

-Canoeing was also awesome and tough. I was in the slowest boat (great guys at bow and stern but the other paddlers were very young and/or lazy) which made us slow but it was a good workout for me. The last leg we changed it up and added another police officer to the boat. That was faster!!

-Thunderboxes (like a wooden toilet, outdoors, with a tarp behind it) are way better than outhouses. No little box for spiders to hang in and much less smelly since its open air.

-We had a great group of kids. I have some thoughts I’ll post for discussion soon though.

-I ate okay. Indulged a bit for fun and energy, but was mindful to not overdo it. I still got quite bloated and crampy though. That was…relieved…shortly after arriving home.

-I didn’t realize my lip balm had no SPF. Now my lips have sunburn blisters. I didn’t even realize they were burning, thought they were just dry!

-I also have a rash on my ass

-I stank. I had no mirror but I assume I also looked like shit.

-the first Starbucks coffee I got afterwards was like heaven. Ditto the shower and shave.

-I left my beloved iPhone in my car. A last minute decision. I decided if I was doing this, I was doing it right!

-I generally hate tans, but I gotta admit…I’m a tad proud of this one. I didn’t try to get it…but there were many times in the trip that sunscreen was packed up and not accessable. I used it when I could…but still got a lot of colour.

How I looked when I got home:

What I did with my nails:


After I showered I went to the mall for eyebrow grooming got distracted by a sale and bought red jeans.


Not this dress. Due to tummy bulge and sorta bridal (cheap casual bridal) look:


2 thoughts on “I’m back!!!

  1. love the flower dress and the red jeans!!! looking good. Your trip looked like a lot of fun!!! Now are you ready for a family camping trip???

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