about a roux…and yoga…and my kids…and new earrings

I refuse to serve my kids boxed mac and cheese. I say it is because it is full of chemicals and preservatives…and I am sure it is…but more than that is the fact (a true indisputable fact, unless it fell off my head and I didn’t notice it, which is possible I admit) that I found a hair in a box once, and since then have been pretty sure that just the act of cooking it would lead to barf. I have hair issues.

Usually, I dump a handful of shredded cheese and a spoonful of butter in a pot of warm pasta, mix it all up, and call it is a day. It is okay, but the cheese is more stringy than creamy, and ends up all in a lump so half the pasta is naked and the other half is a cheesy lumpy stringy mess. Needless to say, between me not eating pasta an my mac and cheese being a stringy lumpy (yet cheesy, the redeeming factor) mess…it is not the staple in our home it is in many homes with kids.

Today, I decided to try something new. I decided to make and actual sauce (a roux! I didn’t bake it though, just made the sauce for the pasta, Zoë hates baked mac and cheese. Little Freak!) for it. That was a little…interesting…at a few points I was not convinced I would end up with an edible meal. Since I have dinner plans anyways, I didn’t much care though!

A pictorial illustration (does that make sense?) of my adventures in roux making:





In the end, it worked out. Not that it mattered, the kids just dumped ketchup on it and didn’t even realize it was different than usual. Also, I think I need to replace the pot.

I’ve been on my own with the kids for 3 days now. A few recent pics:










3 thoughts on “about a roux…and yoga…and my kids…and new earrings

  1. This is going to reflect badly on me, but I’m going to say it anyway.

    All those Olympic Kraft Dinner commercials have got me going. I’m going to pick up a box tonight, cook it, and eat it. And possibly enjoy it, but maybe not.

    Feel free to electronically stone me and yell “FOR SHAMMMMEEE!”

  2. Repeat this process with the remaining cheese placing them on a tray with wax paper. Place cheese back into the freezer until ready to bake (this is a must or they will melt before the crumbs get golden). When ready to bake preheat oven to 400° F. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and lightly spray with oil.

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