So…yeah…I’m at it again…

If you look to the right, you’ll see that I am going to do another half-Marathon, in November.

I know, I know…I keep saying I am done with halfs…but well…this one just feels like a good one for me.

So here is how it happened. A few of my friends are doing 10ks (me too, but their first) soon and thinking about halfs, so I started looking at them (for my friends who were asking which are good, dates, etc). I started considering one next spring, then saw there is a brand new one, close to my home in a park/military facility and on November 11, which is 2 days before I turn 39! I’m not dealing well with this upcoming birthday (last one before 40) and I know the post-half high will help me feel good and strong. Also I really liked the timing of a fall half much more then spring and am sorta eager to try another fall one…but I didn’t want to do the same one as last fall.I don’t mind doing the same 5 and 10ks…but halfs are a lot of work and long, and I’d much prefer to do new ones. 

So it just felt right. I have a 10k on August 25, and I start 12 weeks of training right after that!

We leave for 5 days at Delawana tomorrow. I am so excited to get away for some fun and relaxing family time, and love that we live somewhere that has lovely summer weather and gorgeous lakes and beaches not so far away, so we don’t have to travel far (or renew our passports!) to have a great vacation! They even have an included kid’s program, so hoepfully Adam and I will enjoy some alone time. I am not sure if I will blog or not…probably post some pictures but not much narritive. Have a great week my lovelies!


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