Saturday Yums

After a few days away, I was glad to get back to my kitchen. I am not a gourmet, and I don’t “love” to cook…but I do enjoy my cooking, and finding new things to feed myself and my family ( 1/4 vegetarian, 1/4 kosher, 1/4 reduced grain, 1/4 pre-schooler). It can be a challenge, but I manage.

I started off today with Refrigerator Oatmeal that I made last night. I’ve been reading about it all over and eager to try. I kept mine simple with oats, milk, strawberry Greek yogurt, a little honey and cinnamon. No pretty jars, Rubbermaid worked fine!

It was, okay. The taste was fine, the texture was thick and satisfying…but something I think I’d get sick of quickly. I’d just as soon mix some granola into my yogurt.

Next I prepared lunch. I’ve been missing pizza, so I made an omelet with tomato sauce and reduced-fat mozzarella cheese. No pic…but yummy! Hit the pizza craving spot perfectly!

Zoë has been requesting veggie lasagna lately. I decided to replace the column of noodles at the edge with zucchini strips for myself. The recipe was otherwise basic: noodles layered with chunky tomato sauce, light ricotta/egg mixture, and reduced-fat mozzarella. Topped with the cheese mixture and some extra mozzarella and Parmesan. It was super delicious, even the zucchini portion. I love them zukes!!!


For dessert, apple crisp. 5 apples sliced into a casserole, topped with a mixture of melted light butter (tablespoon) oatmeal (about 1/2 cup) flour (about 1/4 cup) and a generous sprinkle of brown sugar. Baked at 350 for…ummm…awhile. Maybe 40 minutes or so? Yummy. Not the healthiest…but not the worst either. Pics:




In other, related, news: I bought this yesterday.

Today, they are gone. Making me a horrible parent (I should lie and say Adam ate them all) yet a model of restraint!!


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