Love those Brits!

Over the past few years, I have pretty dramatically cut down my TV watching. I just don’t feel like sitting and watching 2-3 hours of  TV nearly everyday is the best use of my time anymore, and it makes me restless.

About 6 months ago, I completely gave up on Young and The Restless, after years (decades) of watching it. I just got sick of the stress of trying to watch (to keep up with recaps) a daily show. Giving it up was a breath of fresh air. Suddenly, I didn’t care where I was at 4:30, or whether someone had time to post a re-cap before I was able to catch another episode, or if I could eat my lunch in the lunchroom with the TV! Sigh.

Other shows I have given up on after watching for a while include House (which I hear is over), The Good Wife, any and all reality TV (which I never watched much of, but now I watch none. If I want reality, I have life!), and Pretty Little Liars.

I do still watch some TV though. During “the season” I continue to watch a few favorites (Grey’s Anatomy, 90210, Gossip Girl, MadMen), usually not on schedule, but rather online when I want to hop on my elliptical or just chill in front of a show (or when I am recovering from another bout of tonsillitis!)…often catching up on a few episodes at a time. Given that TV series seem to take several short and long breaks a year, even in the middle of the season, it is not as tome consuming as one would think to keep up on my 4 favorite shows! The fact that the TV season coincides with the times of the year when I often prefer the elliptical to outdoor running helps too!

In the summer, I tend to watch  1 show at a time, again turning them on when I want to use the elliptical, or relax (or sometimes, while I am getting dressed or cooking, since my lap-top lets me do that, and start and stop anytime if it is on NetFlix). Last summer I devoted to The United States of Tara, Californication, and catching up on TrueBlood (which I no longer watch…it has just gotten stupid!).

This summer I started with Drop Dead Diva (surprisingly clever), and when I was done decided I needed something a bit heavier. After asking for some suggestions, I settled on Sherlock.

I LOVED Sherlock, a modern day version of Sherlock Holmes, based on the Characters and situations in  Arthur Conan Doyle’s books (of which I have read a few…years and years ago….). The stories, acting and…ummm…everything else (a TV reviewer I am not!) is all great. The episodes (there are 6 of them, the first 3 mon Netflix) are 88 minutes long, so each one is like a movie. Several times, I started an episode at 11pm, and watched until after midnight. Luckily for me, I was off work for the past few weeks, so I could! I have heard there will be a third season, and cannot wait!

After Sherlock, I decided to stick with the British shows, and start Being Human. This is the story of a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost…living together in an apartment and trying to live as “human” a life as possible. Again, a great show. The characters are well developed, the stories suck me in and…well…prepare for another moment of television reviewer brilliance here…it is just really, really good! See:

In thoroughly unrelated news. I don’t go to Bath and Body Works often, because I can find less expensive good quality products elsewhere (I love SoftSoap body-washes! Often on sale for 3$ at SDM), and the smell in the store often gives me a headache. I did pop by a few weeks ago, during a sale, and discovered my new favorite body-wash. Sweet and girly without being cloying or migraine inducing!


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