Joe Fresh…more ughs, and nice things

I felt disloyal for my last post…Iusually love Joe Fresh. However, upon perusing the sight, I discovered that yeah…there is a bit too much “So ugly hipsters will like it and make it cool” to their new fall line. A few more examples:

Women Tops Print Silk Shirt Low-res

Women Tops Jacquard Crew Low-res

Women Tops Tricolour Sweater Low-res

This could…possibly…grow on me.


Women Tops Colour Block Crewneck Low-res

However, I did also manage to come up with a wish-list of lust inducting items:

Women Tops Wrap Sweater Low-res

Women Skirts/dresses Python Print Dress Low-res

Women Skirts/dresses Vneck Sweater Dress Low-res

Women Pants Corduroy Jean Low-res

Women Shoes Snake Print Ankle Boot Low-res

and a shout out to the Yoga Shorts, which I own and love:

Women Active Yoga Short Shorts Low-res




2 thoughts on “Joe Fresh…more ughs, and nice things

  1. Now that I don’t live practically next to a Superstore I don’t shop there much. I haven’t bought anything there for awhile because of this. Too many clothes that are just a little too weird for me. When I go back to work next month I may start shopping there again on my lunch hour. I love the kids clothes, its just womens that are hit or miss.

  2. True Leslie, the kid’s clothes are great! The women’s, eh. Also, they aren’t as affordable as they once were, except the cheap stuff which is not very good quality.

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