I’ve been Invisaligned

I, like many people, had braces as a teenager. I wore them for about three years, and had a retainer for the top teeth for another couple years, and a wire cemented to the back of my bottom teeth.

Unfortunately, eventually the retainer was lost and the wire removed, and over the years my bottom teeth have become increasingly crowded.  The top too, though much less so. This bothers me. It doesn’t really show much but when it is visible I hate it, and I can feel it with my tongue and it annoys me. Also the crowded spots are crumb and plaque magnets.

My teeth:


I’ve been thinking about braces, slightly, for a few years, but never really felt like I wanted to return to my metal mouth days.

Recently my dentist (my brother) started suggesting Invisalign to me. After he was trained to do it, I decided to trust him and take the plunge.

I started the process a few weeks ago, having molded imprints made as well as a series of pictures. Today I went into to get my aligners. Aligners are plastic trays…similar to the ones used for whitening, that slowly shift teeth while being changed every 2 weeks until the teeth are in the desired position. They look like this:



Since I’ve already had braces and my case is pretty easy, it will be about a 4 month process.

I must say, today was a hard adjustment:

The pressure of the trays is unpleasant. It did not bother me much at first…but by the end of the day it was annoying. I am taking a break from them right now to drink a cup of tea…ahh.

Also, they need to be removed for eating and drinking, and they need to be thoroughly cleaned and teeth brushed before replacing them. This is a pain in the ass…especially since it takes 20 minutes and a broken nail to get them out. This of course means mindless eating and little snacks and eating in the car are not very realistic…which is a good thing but no fu.

Even though I did not enjoy today, I do know I’ll get used to the aligners, and be glad I did it 6 months from now!

Here are some pics of my smile with the aligners in. They don’t show very much.



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