Another 10k

I did the Toronto Women’s 10k today. Gaviesgal did it too…she was awesome!
I was hoping to do it in less than an hour…I’ve been hoping to do that in a 10k for a while, even though I know I cant!! (I got close in the Toronto Yonge Street run…but that one is almost all downhill and in very cool spring weather. I may be able to do it there one year…but not in a hillier summer 10k). My final time was 1:04:15. I am pleased with that…it is the fastest 10k race I have ran except TYS…and 40 seconds faster then the same race last year. Also I hit 5k just below 30 minutes so that was good. Ultimately, It was a hard race for me (look below) and hotter and more humid than it has been…so I’m happy with my results.

Unfortunately, around 5 miles in I started getting that severe pain in the ball of my right foot that has been plaguing my long runs for a while. I got new inserts yesterday in anticipation of this, but they didn’t do the trick. I took some short walking breaks in the last mile to let it settle. I’m fine with that (the walking breaks…I do what I gotta)…but need to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it because I don’t see how I can run another half with this problem..and I’m supposed to in Less than 3 months! Last time it hit around 7 miles…now it’s hitting around 5 miles…so it’s getting worse. I guess it is off to the sports chiro this week.

As always, I enjoyed the amusing signs the Toronto Women’s Runs have to offer:





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