I used to love stuffed peppers. Back in university, they were my favorite thing to eat at my boyfriend (no, not Adam, someone long gone)’s home…his mother was a genius in the kitchen.

Oddly, as much as I loved stuffed peppers then and there…I have had no thoughts of them since. Until today. I was looking in the fridge deciding what to go for dinner, noticed the line of peppers, and knew what I needed to

I have no recipe to link…I looked at like 20 and then did it myself.

1. Put on rice to boil.

2. Decapitate and seed peppers, set cut side down to roast at 400.

3. While rice is cooking and peppers are roasting, sautee onions, diced tomatoes, garlic, and seasoning in a little olive oil. If I wanted to add meat I’d throw some browned some ground meat into the mixture.

4. Dump some rice in the pan, mix it all up. Then toss in a handful of feta.

5. Remove peppers from oven, flip, stuff, and broil a few minutes.

6. Super yum.





Ps wanna know what I like to eat in the car? It’s this:


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