3 decisions

It’s September. The leaves are changing and I feel the need to do so as well. So, 3 decisions I’ve made.

1. I am becoming vegetarian again. I was for 15 years…until I was a few months into breastfeeding Zoë and my iron was low low low. I have felt guilty (and a bit gross) for eating meat ever since, and now Zoë has been vegetarian for about 6 months and inspired me (I am so proud to have a child who inspires me!!). So, I started yesterday. In the past I’ve always eaten fish (never bothered me. Not sure why but since it didn’t bother me and I know it’s very healthy I always ate it). Zoë doesn’t…I’m not sure yet if I will. But all poultry and beef and other mammals are done. I am hoping doing this with Zoë will help me to help her to eat more than just bread and pasta and treats!

2. I have decided to go on a candy detox until Halloween. A Facebook friend is doing this and it seems like a good plan…I’ve been picking at the chocolate at the office a bit much lately and have also developed a taste for candied nuts.

3. I’ve decided if I can beat my fall 2011 half marathon time (2:24:02) in November, I am finally getting a tattoo. This means some of you will be wishing me luck…and some of you will be hoping I trip!! No worries it will be small and sweet.

4. (bonus not a big deal thing) I am gonna do something super new with my hair. Not sure what yet but stay posted.


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