I have managed to avoid hell The CNE for about 15 years now. Don’t get me wrong…the CNE is a nice event and a nice place…but it is also a pain in the ass. It is downtown. It is very, very busy. It is hot. There are long lines. The food it all junk. I imagine going during a weekday is tolerable…but just the thought of going on a weekend or a holiday makes me want to vomit. I hate those places where we go to so much effort to get there only to have it be so busy we cannot see or enjoy anything we went for! Anyways, in spite of my desire to avoid the CNE on Labour Day at all costs…we sucked it up and went. This was because my dad has business there on, Labour Day and always takes Zoë, and when we found out they have a My Little Pony show there today, we felt too guilty to not take Charlotte (who we are sure will be a Brony one day…yes females can be Bronies! She wont be a Clopper though. That’s just wrong.)

It wasn’t too awful. We found a free parking sport to not too far, and were there early enough to enjoy the Pony show, and the Circus Workshop in relative peace. After that it got hot and busy (we waited about an hour for the bumper cars, which were fun) and I was happy to get out of there!

The biggest problem? Very little shade! It was very hot, and I even got a bit of a sunburn (I was good with sunscreen on the kids, not good enough on myself!).














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