On my head

I have written about the awesomeness of Sweaty-bands before, right? Yep.

Well, after using  two of them for a year I have lost both of them. Truth be told, the one I liked best was stretching out and slipping a lot anyways. Which is to be expected…it got a lot of use and nothing last forever.

So there I was..head-band-less. Trying to get my hair to stay in place with clips, high pony-tails, and braids. None of which worked quite right.

Since they are about 17$ a pop in-store at Running Room and the selection sucks, and shipping them online from anywhere brought the price right back up, I decided to try some cheaper ones over the last month or so. Drugstore, dollar store, etc. No good. They were all too tight, or too loose, or slipped, or bumpy (try doing headstand in a bumpy headband!).

A couple weeks ago I decided to explore if there were any headbands comparable to Sweaty-bands but a bit more affordable.

I came across CrunchyBowtique. The bands looked comparable to my beloved Sweatys, and at 7$ a pop, it seemed worth a try, so I grabbed 2…black with white dots, and black and hot pink Zebra.

So happy with them! They are very comparable to the Sweaty-bands in fit and performance. I have worn them for yoga and running (including last night’s race) and they have not slipped at all, but been comfortable (often headbands are too tight on me and give me a headache). And at that price and with so many cute options…I’ll be able to have a super collection soon! I may even start wearing them for non-exercise moments!

Here are some of the awesome patterns:


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