How to wear red jeans

When I first bought red jeans this summer, on clearance (15$ at Dynamite), to save for fall, I assumed that I would probably not wear them. I also assumed that if I could wear them, I would darken them down a lot. I envisioned myself wearing them with a long black tunic sweater, and high black boots, with just a bit of red peeking out around my knees.

Last week, I decided to wear them. It wasn’t yet boot or sweater weather, so I decided to try something a little different, but I did keep them with black, and a bit of cream.

I am wearing them again today, testing the waters on a weekend. It is a but cooler today, and I’ve styled them with a simple white T and a brown Banana Republic cardigan from mom’s closet. It isn’t really “out there”…but it’s not black either!

I wonder what fun I’ll have with them
in weeks and months to come!

Bonus picture wearing them in public, the H&M fitting room (Lotte got a new dance costume!):

UPDATE: Like this look? Old Navy Rockstar Jeans are on sale for 19-24$…and if you sue the code ONCAN15 today, you get 15% more off. Try them on in store or size up a couple sizes though. I am usually around a size 8 in jeans, and a size 6 or small in the usually-large-fitting Old Navy bottoms…but I am a 12 in these ! I got the Purple (monaco Plum) Jeans, and Navy (in the Navy) cords. I tried them on in-store today, but bought online because of the code. I also bought Zoë a pair of purple ones.


One thought on “How to wear red jeans

  1. They look good! I wore them with a black tunic style top the first time but now wear them with just about anything. I always get compliments on them!

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