I rolled my ankle…again. It really hurt, luckily a very sweet couple walking their dog saw me and offered to drive me home. I was so embarrassed but I let them because I knew I needed to ice right away and was still about 2 kilometers from home.

I am so sad. Twice in the past 3 weeks. I first hurt it last spring though (around March) and it hasn’t really been the same since. Part of my problem is I run on grass and trails a lot to reduce the impact on my hip and right foot (which gets achy) but grass is less stable…and I have a weak ankle…so this happens. I’m really getting worried I won’t be able to do my half if I keep having to take rests to let it heal. I am only up to 6 miles in my training and need to get to 10-11 miles to attempt the half.

It also impacts my yoga…I can still practice but cannot balance well or do lotus on a twisted ankle. So I have to modify a lot. Not fun.

I guess I am going to RICE until the weekend, and get a better ankle brace than the tensor I’ve been using. Maybe the strong lace up type volleyball players wear.

If I run this half it will be my last…for sure. My body is just not made to run so much these days, and I don’t care enough to make it so. I just want to finish this one. Then I can run and practice yoga for fitness and that’s it.


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