I’ve made a decision

I just took a long hot shower and made a decision. I am dropping to the 5k in November. I need to take it really easy on my ankle for a few weeks, and I am not a high enough mileage runner to take a few weeks off this close to a half and still make it up…especially when I am sure to still be weak and need to be careful afterwards. I have been dealing with ankle issues since March and ball of foot pain since May…and they work together badly since the only thing that helps my foot is running on grass, which is bad for my ankle.

I am sure with a lot of work I could overcome these things…but I am not convinced I can in time to run a half in November…and I need to take the pressure off. I have a lot of other things going on right now and if I push myself and end up with an ankle I cannot use…well…everything will just be worse! I have enough driving issues as it is!!!

So, I will drop to the 5k. I am trying to reframe this as not giving up…but rather changing my goal. My fastest 5k yet…finally sub-30! I have ran two half-marathons (one the whole thing below my goal time)…I know I can. I haven’t run a sub-30 5k yet though!


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