Quicky Updates

1. I’ve been reading a lot. Check out the book-list to see what. Maybe I’ll do some reviews soon…

2. Ankle feels pretty good. I plan to buy a new more supportive wrap for ti and try a short run tomorrow.

3. I have not yet been downgraded to the 5k. I am not “training” right now…but if tomorrow’s run goes okay, I may try my long run this weekend (7 miles) and if I can do that without ankle pain…I will probably stick it out with the half-for now. I’ll take it easy on my training though…just loosely following the schedule and accepting that I may very well not have a great race. (which sucks, because my training was going awesome until the ankle thing!).

4. Driving is okay. ish. I took the highway home from a late meeting today…it was very quiet and I remembered what it felt like to feel safe and normal on the highway. Maybe I need to start working nights??

5. I bought these boots. I know, they look weird. I only tried them on because the shoe guy was the same one that turned me onto my beloved Fly Londons…but once I did…it was love all the way! I wear a lot of dark colours in fall and winter and think they will really make dark outfits pop!



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