Shit happens

Before I update of shit that happens…752 readers yesterday? Really? I think my stats are lying to me but if not…they love me. They really love me (and my braids I guess).

As for updates of shit that happened:

1) A work thing. No details, and not huge…but I said something to someone, wasn’t careful enough, caused conflict for someone else (and myself), and feel like crap about it. Sometimes I hate working with people. They aren’t like numbers, or inanimate objects like shoes (I’d like to work with shoes please). They are all different and sometimes things turn out so differently than expected because of the nature of people. What happened could have had a good result with other people, or a worse result with other people, or a neutral result with other people. Anyways, it isn’t huge, and all involved will move past it, but it is still upsetting to have an “issue”.

2. A phone thing. I somehow (I don’t know how, I found it there…but I was home alone…so I did it) dropped my iPhone in a pot of water in the sink. Then I called it to find it and it rang while submerged…which completely fried it. I had to get a new one (200$ with all fees involved) and even though the new iPhone 5 just came out I got a 4s…because the 5 would have been more money and required all new accessories. The 4s is fine (so far I notice little difference between it and my old 4-without-s) but I lost all the pictures, notes, contacts and…most importantly…voice memos from my last phone. I have tried everything to recover them, to no avail. I was backing up my phone to iTunes regularly, I thought…but iTunes said I haven’t done it in over a year (even though I know I did 2 weeks ago…agh!). Luckily most of my favorite pics are here so I can find them, and my phone has been ble to turn on for moments enough to copy my contacts and notes. The voice memos (which include my hypnosis sessions with my therapist, which is why I am so upset) are gone…gone…gone.

3. A yoga thing. My yoga studio is closing. Not all of them, but the location closest to home. This sucks for me. It is so close to home/daycare that I can do a lunchtime class there (when I work from home all or part of the day) or after-work class there (and still make it to after school care pickup on time). The other location is too far from home for me to do that, I can only do night classes there. Also, some of my favorite classes and instructors are at the studio that is closing, and to the best of my knowledge, won’t be all moving too the other location, at least not at times I can attend the classes. I am scrambling to figure out where I take my practice now. I think I am going to skip the unlimited passes and instead buy class passes for 2-3 places I like (probably Spynga, the other location of Yoga tree, and a new place opening soon) and practice a bit at all three of them. That way I can get some spinning in too…which is a good thing…because:

4. A running thing. I am not running anymore. It has been 2.5 weeks. My ankle is a lot better…but it is still achy a lot and I know it is weak and damaged and there is no way I should be running on it…certainly not enough to have a hope in hell of running 21k in less than a month. So. I have decided to quit running for the time being, focus on yoga (with spinning and my elliptical for cardio) and strengthening the ankle, and re-assess in the spring. I am starting to feel like the days of running (beyond short runs for fun and fitness) may be behind me. I am tired of injuries. I am tired of feeling unsafe out alone at night and around traffic but having to do it to get the training miles in. I am tired of forcing myself to run when there are other (often active) things I would rather be doing, to make the training miles. I am tired of stressing about all the little details of attending races. I have had some great accomplishments running…I feel like it has changed me for the better and made me the stronger more confident (and yes, thinner and healthier) person I am today, and I still enjoy the feeling of pounding pavement and am glad of all my running accomplishments (I RAN TWO HALF MARATHONS!!! ME!!!)…but I just think the stress of trying to reach running goals beyond getting out there and having a fun calorie burning run on a nice day is not for me anymore. Who knows though? For now, I am taking a break…and will re-assess in the spring. As I am sure my readers are aware, I am just as likely to decide I am doing a full marathon next year as to decide I am never running more than 5k again…so I am just musing.

GOOD NEWS…ya know my awesome red boots??? I k now you do!!! I got them in black!!! I looked on Ebay for them just for curiosity, and found a black pair for sale, my size, worn 3 times, new condition, in Canada, for 50$! I have loads of black boots, but the only ones that are flat (or nearly flat) are my old Hush Puppies I only wear for outdoor stuff, and my Fly Londons…and I am not really wearing heels these days due to the weak ankle. Since I wear black boots about 80% of the fall winter (lets face it, read boots cannot be worn everyday!) I really can use another pair. So…I decided if they stayed at 50$, I’d grab them. They did, and I did. Because they are local, the shipping was cheap and they are already here…and gorgeous. No pics…I wore flats today.


2 thoughts on “Shit happens

  1. It’s been 6 days non running for me too.

    I’ll up the ante in this week’s Ashtanga. Prepare your arms. Lol.

    I’m getting fat from the lack of runs while not changing my diet (which is, eat everything in sight) at all. What do you do when you can’t run and you’re getting chubby??!!?!

    • Looking forward to Monday!! Sorry you are off running too. It sucks!

      I have an elliptical for cardio when I cannot run. I’ve also done spinning in the past (I just got some passes to start that up again). I had to stop running for 8 weeks a couple years ago, I discovered spinning then. It is a great workout!

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