I’m starting my 5th Invisalign trays today! My treatment is 8 trays…so I’m halfway there! Closed and open mouth pics, 8 weeks ago on the left, today on the right:

As for how they are, they’re fine. I never got so used to them that I don’t feel them, and I always have a tiny lisp when I wear them…so taking them off for a meal is a relief…but they aren’t a problem. The first day with a new pair is achy and they are tight and hard to get off…so I switch them at night before bed do they have time to loosen a bit (they stretch a tad and my teeth shift a tad) overnight so the first full day is easier. Brushing my teeth before putting them back after every snack or meal is a pain…but also a good practice.

I’m glad I did and and an enjoying watching my evolving smile!!!


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