Waiting for mysore

Today, I will try a Mysore Ashtanga class for the very first time! I am both excited and nervous. Excited because the instructor is Mark…who has done more for my Yoga practice in about 6  months than any instructor has in my previous 2 years of practice.  Not only in Ashtanga, but in all Yoga I practice, because he has given me proper(ish, I am still working on it)  form that makes even “easy” poses like Warriors a challenge, in a good way, for both my mind and body. He is no longer at my Studio and is starting a Mysore practice, close to home. I am so excited that not only do I get to finally try Mysore (usually it is early morning, and downtown or at least mid-town, not something I can do. It is also meant to be a daily practice…again not something I can realistically do, but at least today is a start)…but that I get to try it with him. Here is more information about where I’ll be practicing after-work today (click for details):


I am also nervous though. Mysore is an un-led class. That means I  go through the Asthanga series of poses on my own, with the instructor coming around to adjust me as required, and let me know when I am done (when I get to the last pose I can do). I am scared that:

1. I will be done in like 20 minutes. Which may be good since I don’t have much time after-work…but after 8 months of led Ashtanga, I’d like to get at least halfway through the primary series.

2. That I will be unable to stay quiet. Because Mysore is quiet…and I am not.

3. That I will forget the sequence (even though I know it quite well) and feel lost and confused. As I often do already.

4. That I will be the only one there. Not because it isn’t awesome, but because it is the first day of this class. I really don’t want that much attention on me the first time I ever try Mysore thankyouverymuch. Especially because his adjustments are really intense (as in, my leg goes higher, arms grow longer, back stretches further, etc…under his touch. Which is not always comfortable. It is good, I need it…but there is a limit to how much I can take!)

I know my fears are all unfounded. The instructor is amazing, I have practiced with him plenty of times, he knows I am new to Mysore and knows what I am capable of in my Ashtanga practice. Even if  (nopleaseno) I am the only one there…I know it will be a great experience.

But still. I am a bundle of nerves. Gosh, is Yoga supposed to make on anxious? I think not.  I will take a deep breath now…Ommmmmmmmmm.



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