My first Mysore

I got to Mysore right at the start of the class (having skipped my lunch break-but not lunch-to accomplish this) and was the first one there. Luckily, by the time I was changed and signed in my super duper awesome yoga friend and her boyfriend where there, and two others students arrived in rapid succession. As I was leaving another student came in-that made 6 of us (and there was still an hour left for arrivals at that time, so maybe more came I didn’t see). I think that’s good for a first class, and hope it means the class will be popular and successful…because I loved it!

Anyway, I originally was going to wait for the others to start practicing since practicing alone felt very vulnerable to me…but as they were chatting and signing in I decided to go for it because I only had 1 hour before I had to get out of there to daycare, and could not spare another moment, so I quickly focused myself and started my sun salutations.

My fears from yesterday were all unfounded. With some assistance (I’m talking to you, Marichyasana B and D) I practiced to a couple poses past where we normally go in a led class, and finished with Kurmasana (tortoise), which I have been working on at home for a while.

The instructors (Mark and another assistant were there) did a great job of catching when I needed assistance and providing verbal and physical cues and adjustments, and I felt like I was learning a lot even in poses I already feel pretty comfortable and secure in.

Practicing on my own was awesome because in a led class, the teacher counts the breaths in each pose (5 breaths for most poses). Sometimes I get into a pose quickly while it is still being explained and feel like I’m holding it forever, other times I struggle to get into the pose and do so just as the teacher says “5”. Taking my own time to get into the poses before starting my own breaths was great, because I was really able to focus on good form, and make the best use of my practice time for me.

In very good news, I got myself into headstand with no wall, and held it for 10 breaths. Pike eluded me as always…but that was a great headstand accomplishment for me…pike will come.

In bad news, I forgot a towel…and sweat like a…well not a pig because pigs don’t really sweat (hense the rolling in mud)…but like something gross and sweaty.

So, I loved it…I wish I could go every day it is offered (Tuesday and Thursday late afternoon/evening so far) but there are days I cannot play around with my work schedule enough for a 4:30 start (which I need to do in order to make it to daycare on time), and I’ve also got 1 more month of unlimited classes at my studio and need to make that worth my money. But if I can make it to Mysore once a week for the time being and more as time passes, I’ll be a happy Ashtangi indeed!!

If you wanna try, here (click) is the info again!


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