Nothing so much

I made it to Mysore again today, and did an hour. I still love it. I was able to bind (with help) in Marichyasana B, and once again got up in headstand without a wall for 10 breathes and may even have held pike for a moment before flopping messily lowering gracefully to the mat.

It was unheated, but I must have been working hard because I was soaked in sweat. A friend asked me how I motivate myself to work hard in Mysore…but it’s not hard to do. I have time to get into the poses, so I work hard at them because I can. I also know the instructor could be watching me anytime…and don’t want to be caught being sluggish! Also, since I only have an hour and ideally need 75-90 minutes to practice…there is no time to waste in laziness. I actually take my vinyasas a bit faster than I should, to get my practice in and have time for a little Schevasana. Oh well…I do what I can.

One thing that bugs me in yoga is my tummy. It really gets in the way on forward bends and twists…I can feel how it impedes me. I can only suck it in so much! But the thought of losing more weight is so depressing…I like how I look and what I weigh now…but a flatter tummy and less mass would help with yoga (and running). Oh well…maybe it’ll happen magically!

Remember when I used to look like this:

Now I look like this:
A bit hard to believe now, isn’t it? Puts things in perspective.

In other news…eh…I got nothin’.


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