November is…the month of the headstand!

I have been working on my headstands for a long, long time now. I can pretty well always get up with a wall behind me (even if I don’t touch it, having it there makes me feel better and more confident) and the last few weeks, in classes, I have been working hard to back away from the wall and do my headstands in the middle of the room. Sometimes, I succeed (which means to me:  getting up, holding it 10 breathes, and lowering gracefully). Other times  I flip over, fall in a heap at or before the 10 breathes, or just don’t quite make it up at all. I would, eventually, like to be able to go into pike (imagine my legs pointing at a right angle), hold that for 5 breathes, and then back up into headstand, before lowering gracefully.

I know that everything gets easier as you do it more, so I have made a goal for November. Daily Headstand. Whether I do a class or not, I will do a daily headstand, away from the wall, every single day, and attempt to lower into pike on my way down. I will document them in pictures and videos (expect to see my pajamas here…no naked headstands I promise)…to keep myself accountable.

Hopefully, after a month of daily headstands at home (plus whatever I do in my class practice), I will be much more stable, and able to better work on pike (and forearm stand).

Today’s early morning inversion, my baseline:


6 thoughts on “November is…the month of the headstand!

    • Thanx Sandy. As you know…I’m not always so steady!!

      This was actually how I finally learned to do Bakasana. I worked on it every single day for weeks (though it wasn’t a blog thing)!

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