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and like enough to share!

About Stay at home vs. Work out the home moms and the never-ending question of which is harder:

I  have done both (because I am in Canada and take 1 year maternity leaves, and always add a few unpaid months to those) and they are both hard, in their own ways. When I was off, I often could not wait to get back to the office. When I am working, I wish I could find a way to be a stay at home mom! Part-time would be ideal, although my friends that do it tell me it is the best AND worst of both worlds. I cannot afford it anyways.

That said, I think this debate is so, so, so stupid. Firstly, WHO CARES which is harder? Whether one’s life is harder or easier than someone else’s is so unworthy of debate. There are no awards given for having a harder life, and there is no shame in choosing to do something that makes ones life easier, if someone can.

When did “easy” become a bad word that people had to be ashamed of? People used to tell me I was lucky to have a nanny, and it must have made life so easy, in a snide insulting way, like “must be nice”.  Well…sort of. I paid for it, and it was a financial sacrifice, but it absolutely made life easier for me, and I am not ashamed of that. I accomplished a lot in the almost three years we had the nanny, things I could not have done if we had gone the day-care route instead before my youngest started school.

People need to stop feeling like it is so important whether or not someone recognizes how “hard” their life is, and just take pride in doing what is the best for themselves and their family, whatever that is and whether is is hard or not, or recognized as hard or not.

Also, the whole thing is just so personal. Whether or not someone works out of the home is far from the only factor that determines how hard ones life is! Some jobs, that have nothing to do with parenting, are harder than others. Some lives are harder than others. For me being a stay at home mom could be harder than working out of the home, and for someone else with a different job, personality, kids, income, etc…being a work out of the home mom could be harder than staying home. Or vice versa.

About Running

I am so over running for the time being. I assume I will crave it again come spring (or even a nice, unseasonably warm and dry, fall or winter day)…but for now…it is so nice to take a break from it and not even worry about it with no races ahead of me and no pressure on myself to “be a runner”. Even though I usually love running, I have put so much pressure on myself for the last 2.5 years to run…either in preparation for a race, or between races just because it seemed so important to me (physically and emotionally) to be a runner, and it was stressful to always feel like I had to to run, or be working towards recovering from an injury so I could run again. Now, I am just so over that. I eat much better, and yoga and other sorts of cardio (elliptical, spinning) can keep me in shape as well as running does. I will run if and when it doesn’t hurt me and I feel like it…and that is just fine by me…and I sincerely mean that!


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