Tuesday evening

My headstand experiment is definitely helping. I’m still not getting into (and holding) pike but I’m getting upright a lot more quickly and more confidently, even in classes (where I’ve always, for some reason, struggled with it more than at home) and am starting to play around a but to make my 10 breathes (which I am almost consistently holding it for) more fun!


In other yoga news, I went to my forth Mysore class today and still love it. I was the first one there and still alone when I started, but that is no longer scary to me and the instructor was able to instruct and adjust me downward dog a bit, which was great! I am still only doing an hour and haven’t been given any new asanas yet, but feel like I am really growing (and dint have more time anyways, sigh). I’ve been trying really had to follow the breathing patterns properly and it really helps me feel more connected to myself and the practice. I am definitely feeling myself getting stronger on some of the Asanas that I struggle with (either cannot quite do; like Mariachyasana B and D, or can do but always struggle to get into and/or hold; like Mariachyasana C, and Wheel Pose – Urdhva Dhanurasana) and am also improving my transitions…slowly, which is fine. I have time.



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