Project head-stand, 1 week in

It is November 8, the perfect day do to another headstand/pike video and check out what impact 1 week of daily effort has made:

Well? I am pretty pleased. I did not get my legs quite as far back in headstand as ideal, or as low in pike as ideal. However, I got up easily, held it easily (I wobbled a bit a few seconds in as the kids were screaming…it distracted me…I am usually steadier, I swear) , got almost into pike and held that, and was able to go back up to a headstand, and lower down with a decent amount of grace (I could never do that before today, when I almost managed something similar in Mysore…I didn’t see it though…but I seem to remember flopping down a bit less gracefully at the end).

Remember last week?

I am pretty excited to see what my headstand/pike will look like in 3 more weeks, and now see why daily practice is encouraged! I am hoping to get up and down with straight legs, and of course have better form in both shapes.


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