Yesterday was my 39th birthday. I guess you guys know that, because I posted some pictures. No stories though, so here are some:

I had to work yesterday. A lot of people seemed to feel sorry for me because I had to work on my birthday, but I didn’t care. The truth is, I probably could’ve gotten the day off, but it would’ve required rescheduling an appointment or finding someone else to cover up appointment for me, and it just did not seem worth the effort.

I did use my lunch break to go to the mall though, and buy myself a little present. Well, a present from a present. Both my parents and my husband gave me gift cards that I could use at Michael Kors, so I did. I’ve wanted a Michael Kors handbag for a while, and now I have one!

I left work about half an hour early, so I could go to yoga. Again, a lot of people seem to think it was strange that I was leaving work early on my birthday to go to yoga! However, it is but I love to do, so of course I wanted to do it on my birthday. I went for a run after my birthday last year, this year I couldn’t do that. But I did go to my Mysore class.

Talking about Mysore, I have now done six classes. I am in love. I don’t mean with the cute, charming and very skilled teacher, I mean with the class. I will say that I am usually the first one there, and begin my practice when he is warming up. It is certainly a test of my focus to concentrate on my own practice instead of sitting, open jawed and drooling, and watch him. Because watching him is like watching a YouTube video. And I don’t mean watching my YouTube videos, I mean like watching a YouTube video of, I don’t know, just someone amazing. He floats so slowly and controlled through his vinyasas, I cannot imagine the amount of strength and focus that takes. It’s amazing to watch, and also to listen to how controlled and even his breathe remains. He tells me that his own teacher is really like a YouTube video. I would love to practice with David Robson sometime, I just need to find the right time. With my life, it is pretty hard to do anything that is not close to home. I have watched his YouTube videos though, and he is pretty amazing. Once again, I would love to practice with him! I’m sure the time will come eventually. Here he is, demonstrating suryanamaskarah (Sun Salutation) A. I love watching these videos:

Anyway, about my Mysore practice. I think what I love about it so much as the adjustments. At first they seemed kind of useless to me. Of course, it was nice for the teacher to be able to assist me into a pose that I could not do myself, but it also felt kind of useless. Sure I could bind or fold or whatever, but only with someone wrapping their arms…and sometimes legs…around me and squeezing really hard like an octopus on steroids. That didn’t feel like it was helping me do anything. But now I realize that it helps me feel how the pose happens, and feel what I need to do to be able to do it myself. Three weeks ago I could only bind in Mariachiasana B with an assist. 4 weeks ago I could not at all. I can now do it by myself. I know that is because the assists taught me exactly how my body and breath have to work to make the pose happen. So now I feel like the assists are really what it’s helping me grow. There’s a lot more assists in Mysore then there are in led Ashtanga classes, because there is time for me to wait with poses I struggle with, for an instructor to come and help me.

This may be awkward for someone that is not very comfortable with other people close to them though. I swear the instructor was so close to me in one pose yesterday he was right up into my junk! I did not mind, I needed the help, and I’m comfortable with physical closeness. However, at one moment I was so proud of my focus, I had the most pure single-minded focus I’ve ever had in my life. My entire mind was focused on only one thought, “I will not fart”.

For dinner, we ate at Kelsey’s!



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