Halfway there!

I’m halfway through my month of daily headstand and pike practice,(Sirsasana A and B in Saskrit, which I am working hard on learning). I flipped over in class today (no wonder, I’ve never done the full primary series before and was pretty tired by the closing sequence! Loved it though! Here is a link to to the series. I usually go to Supta Kurmasana, with assistance, and then move onto Urdvha Dhanurasana and then the closing sequence. So that was 12 additional asanas I did, or attempted! Exhausting). I certainly did better at home, but was also more hesitant to get those legs up straight!

I’m not sure if my readers have noticed or not, but I have started wearing my running shorts for yoga! Here is what happened. For a long time, I have tried to find the perfect yoga shorts. Short enough to stay cool (I am usually the only woman in class not in leggings…I don’t get it….I am incapable of doing anything active, except cold weather outdoor activities…with my legs covered), long enough that my butt is not hanging out, and (this is the hard one) secure enough that I do not need to adjust them every time I come out of a pose. I have a few pairs of Lululemon Yoga shorts, and some other random brands. Lots of them are great for summer activities like the park and walking and hiking and canoeing (I spent all of TROOP in yoga shorts) but they all tend to move around in the waist and legs a lot in yoga, causing me to constantly be pulling on them to be comfortable.

Then, a couple weeks ago, all my yoga shorts were dirty, so I grabbed a pair of Nike running shorts for my practice. By the end of the class, I was hooked. They were long enough (I need running shorts to go down my thighs a bit to avoid chafing) to avoid flashing the class, but short enough to stay cool. They are lightweight and comfortable. Best of all…they do not move. The waistband and leg holes stayed right were they were supposed to ever since. So now…after years of looking for the perfect yoga shorts, I realize they were right there in my closet, with my running gear!

Don’t worry though, my Yoga shorts are not lonely. I have been wearing them for the elliptical. I am still not running but am keeping up my cardio on the elliptical and have been killing it! Elly has a milage display (that I am sure is not accurate, but is good for measuring progress) and I am going so much farther than I was in the past, in the same times. Yeah for that, I would hate to lose my cardiovascular fitness just because I cannot run. I am not sure if I need the calorie burn or not to maintain my weight (Maybe Ashtanga is enough? I am certainly building muscle and strength, and work up quite a sweat), but it is good for my heart…and if I ever run again, I will be glad to have maintained my cardio endurance. I actually plan to start spinning again soon (probably at the end of November), and it should help with that too!


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