I am proud to say that 11 years ago Adam and I got married! The past decade and a year has not always been easy, but it’s always been good and I only see it getting better, and it was a joy to celebrate!

After my yoga and the kid’s lessons were done, we hit the community center for our first skate of the year! It was a great time, and once they got used to the ice both Charlotte and Zoe were skating as well (not very…but it’s a start) as last year.

Eventually, Adam and I made our way out to dinner. We chose our location by mistake! Originally we’d considered going to Spin Toronto, but decided it would be more fun in a group. I wanted to go somewhere now, so I posted on FaceBook asking for ideas. Gaviesgal suggested The Corner House. Silly me, I followed her advice and made reservations at the wrong The Corner House!!! After I realized my error, Adam and I looked at both menus online and decided that even though the one originally recommended looked fantastic, the menu (more meat and seafood free options for Adam) and price (more affordable) of the one I had reserved at was more suitable, and it also looked good and had great reviews. It also seemed a bit silly and spontaneous to drive 40 minutes away to a restaurant we had chosen by mistake. Lame, aren’t we? That is what we call silly spontaneity!

I wore a fun dress and did my makeup to match:




The restaurant turned out great. We shared Caesar salad and baked Brie for starters, and both were excellent. Out main dish choices were seared Salmon on orzo and Swiss chard (me) and smoked salmon pizza (him) and both were well presented and well made,  excellent food! Service was great too, and the place was cozy and cute and very clean.

85$ for the above, plus one glass of wine.


In other news, Adam is doing Movember. Isn’t he cute? Check out his page. I’ll sponsor him soon!


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